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Dangit, I've been tagged again! (◉) The lovely Lunar-pocket-venus tagged me to answer all these questions! (Thank you Lexi!)

What did you draw when you first started?
I drew weird random girls with soggy man boobs, creepy imaginary situations with my silly middle school crush, and Naruto characters. Oh, you don't believe me?

What do you draw now?
Weird random girls with soggy man boobs. And aliens.

Favourite movie
James Cameron's Avatar, hands down! I have so many awesome memories associated with this movie, and it's simply the best movie ever created in my opinion!

Sunset or sunrise?
Sunset, definitely sunset. The sun is overrated, man. 

Hot or cold?
Definitely cold! If you're unbearably hot, there's really not much you can do about it. You can only take off so many clothes. But if you're cold, you can always bundle up or even roll around under some nice thick blankets! Doesn't that sound AMAZING? (I grew up on Guam and Hawaii. Trust me, I know what I'm talking about!)

What upsets you the most?
When people lie! About ANYTHING. I absolutely hate it. That said, pathological/compulsive liars absolutely drive me insane! That, and whenever my tummy growls... 

What makes you the happiest?
This is tough... A lot of things make me "happy" but not "the happiest". Maybe the feeling after completing artwork for someone else? Or receiving a package in the mail!

Warm colours or Cool colours?
I wish I used more warm colors in my artwork, but I tend to gravitate towards cooler colors without even realizing it until it's too late, haha.

Did you graduate highschool/Are you still in school?
I graduated from highschool in 2011! Now, I'm currently in the process of transferring schools, and I'll be moving to Tokyo to attend my new university next month! Super stoked!

Why do you draw?
Since I was a kid, I used to always draw whenever I felt emotional or unhappy. That said, art has always been a way for me to escape reality, and calm down. I also draw because I can't see pictures in my head, so I try to form ideas and put it down on paper so that I can see them. These reasons, and much more, are the reasons why I draw! It just makes me happy!

Okay, time to tag a few other unfortunate souls, hehe. :icon555plz: I tag my friends AxeMan5, shadowmayne96, kokeshi-tan, and anyone else who feels like doing this tag! Go go go!

★QUESTIONS FOR THE TAGGED: ► What did you draw when you first started? ► What do you draw now? ► Favourite movie ► Sunset or sunrise? ► Hot or cold? ► What upsets you the most? ► What makes you the happiest? ► Warm colours or Cool colours? ► Did you graduate highschool/Are you still in school? ► Why do you draw?


Anna アナ
Artist | Digital Art
「アナ」と言います!:icon555plz: 日本語を勉強している21歳の女子大生です。今年の8月、東京に引っ越してテンプル大学に行きます!楽しみにしています!大学卒業後、日本で教師になりたいです。暇な時間があれば、主な趣味は絵を描くことです。そして練習のために、友達と日本語で話すことです。


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